How to Create Your Rainbow!

Welcome to the Rainbow Life Reflector instructions on ‘How to create your rainbow!’

We recommend you watch the above video, so you can see how to colour in your rainbow. However, we are also providing you with this transcript of the video for your information.

If you’re reading these instructions, then you should have already completed the online Rainbow Life Reflector questionnaire and your coach should have sent you your scores with the rainbow colour in template.

To complete this next step, you will need to print a copy of the colour in template and have to hand colouring in pencils that cover the spectrum of the rainbow, plus a grey pencil too!

Now let’s colour in your rainbow and have an ‘aHa’ moment!

You will note that your scores are split in two. The top, colourful section are ‘Dream Makers’.  These are key areas of life that you need to focus on when striving to lead a well-balanced life. The bottom section are the Dream Breakers that can stop you from doing what you truly want.

To create your own rainbow, transfer your scores on to the Rainbow template by colouring in the appropriate number of sections of your rainbow.

For the ‘Dream Makers’, if you scored 4 for Life & Leisure, colour in sections 1 to 4 in red in an arc up and over towards the pot at the end of your rainbow and complete the same process for all the colours.

For the ‘Dream Breakers’, if you scored 3 for Procrastination, colour in sections 1 to 3 in an arc down and under using a grey lead pencil and then complete the other Dream Breakers in the same way using the same grey pencil.

Now you’ve created your rainbow, spend time reflecting on how it has formed and be sure to chat with your coach.

Have a great day and happy colouring!