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I’m managing my rainbow and I would love to help you manage yours!

aHa! 2024 (1720-Trans)

Through my coaching I help you...

Question your  thinking

See things from a new perspective

Understand your behaviours & choices

Be honest with yourself

Find solutions

Gain clarity and purpose

Take the next step

I am not a therapist, counsellor or psychologist.
But I am an LCA Accredited Life Coach, and a member of the
ICF (International Coaching Federation).

My role is to help you understand yourself better, and why
you do what you do, so you can identify what you need to do,
to take the next steps towards your goals and dreams.

My Coaching Options Include

  • Private coaching tailored to you
  • Personalised written summary of each session
  • Formation of agreed action steps
  • A Rainbow Life Reflector experience
  • A rainbow with your own personal message
  • Rainbow self-awareness tools (I share these as appropriate during our sessions)
  • Regular follow-up
  • Access to the Rainbow Action Hub: (Visualisation, Vision Boards, Goal Setting tools)
  • Delivered anywhere via Zoom or face-to-face in Brisbane.

Available Packages

$499 for 4 sessions – Up to 3 months

$747 for 6 sessions – Up to 3 months

$887 for 8 sessions – Up to 6 months

$1,188 for 12 sessions – Up to 6 months

Prices are in AUD$ and include GST

My Promise to You

My vision is to help create a world where you have the freedom to be yourself, embrace life and thrive!

I know what it’s like to doubt yourself and to spend your life hiding.

So; as your coach I will encourage you, enable you, and support you, as you take the next steps toward the pot at the end of your rainbow.

I promise confidentiality and a judgment free safe space where you will be heard and respected.

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