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Frequently asked questions


Life coaching is a holistic approach to goal setting, that’s influenced by mind, body and spirit. We work together to focus on what’s happening in the here and now, acknowledging and breaking through the Dream Breakers, those internal barriers that are stopping you from moving forward confidently towards your goals and dreams!

It’s not mentoring, that imparts skills and knowledge, for specific roles or tasks, and it’s very different to therapy or counselling, which focus on healing past traumas.

If at any stage during our sessions I become concerned for your welfare or feel more specialist help is needed, I will let you know and recommend someone for you to chat too!

I studied with the Life Coaching Academy and I’m certified and ICF accredited. A nurturer by nature, I love rainbows and they’re fundamental to my approach as a life coach.

My personal coaching experience is a safe space, where you will be heard, respected and not judged, as you start to manage your rainbow. Along the way, we foster wellbeing, and I help you understand you, so you can build confidence and resilience to take the next important steps towards the pot at the end of your rainbow.

I will support, encourage and enable you to believe in your abilities! I will inspire you! I will make you accountable! 

I welcome any questions you may have, so book in a FREE no-obligation Discovery Chat to learn more!

All you need is YOU! … with an open mind, fully engaged in the coaching process, willing to put in the effort needed to realise your goals and dreams

I want you to realise your potential and after each session, I will send you a personalised summary detailing any agreed action steps for you to take prior to our next session.

In this private session I will introduce you to manage my rainbow. We’ll have an informal chat and I’ll ask questions to learn more about you and what you’re looking for. We can discuss how I can help you, and if we’re a good fit, we can take the next step towards the pot at the end of your rainbow.

As part of your FREE Discovery chat, you also receive a Rainbow Code that gives access to the Rainbow Action Hub. It’s where you’ll find FREE resources to help you; set and track your goals, visualise and create vision boards.

Each coaching session is no more than 60mins. We can connect online via zoom or by phone. If sessions are face-to-face in Brisbane, then we can discuss location options when we chat.

We agree the frequency of your coaching sessions when you sign up to a coaching package.

Depending on your needs, there are 3 options available;

$1,125 for 6 sessions – up to 3 months

$1,415 for 8 sessions – up to 6 months

$2,040 for 12 sessions – up to 6 months

At the end of each session, we schedule the next session ahead.

The Rainbow Life Reflector is my powerful self-awareness experience that gives you a message in your rainbow. It provides a visual perspective of your life now and the things that may be holding you back from working towards your goals and dreams.

You can join me in one of two ways to discover the message in your rainbow:

 1.  Book a 60min individual coaching session delivered via zoom or face-to-face in Brisbane.

Cost:    $187.50


 2.  Attend a 90min workshop delivered face-to-face in Brisbane. These are small groups with no more than 8-10 attendees, and from mid-October 2023, workshops will be held in South Brisbane.

Cost:    $87.50 per person

All prices in AUD$ and include GST

To express interest in either of the above options and to find out dates, please connect with me via the Contact Me page.

NB: If you sign up to one of my coaching packages within 3 months of having an individual or workshop experience to discover the message in your rainbow, then the above cost of your individual coaching session or workshop, will be deducted from the coaching package price.

I created the Rainbow life Reflector out of a genuine motivation to help you see a message in the rainbow… just like I did!

It’s been created based upon my own life experience, and the things that can hold me back.

My understanding of the symptoms of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs were further enhanced through extensive reading, and my study journey with The Life Coaching Academy.

To find out more about my coaching packages, book in a FREE Discovery Chat or connect with me send via the Contact Me page.

Whether you find focus from setting goals, visualisation or vision boards, the Action Hub is a space of inspiration, where you can use the FREE tools to unleash your rainbow.

You need a Rainbow Code to access the Action Hub and this is issued to you as a FREE gift when you have your FREE no-obligation Discovery Chat with me.

I help coach people towards any goals and dreams, but if you have come out and are looking for help to get back on track, then I’ve journeyed before you, so I know exactly what you’re going through.

I came out at the age of 44 and I was terrified! It felt like every aspect of my life was in freefall… strange as it may sound, I didn’t really understand what being gay meant!

I was fortunate to have the loving support of family and friends around me, but I struggled to find the right people to help me navigate the next chapter of my new life, as I slowly liberated myself and embraced the real me.

Again, I’m not a counsellor or therapist, but I’m here if you want to be supported, encouraged and enabled to take the next steps towards the pot at the end of your rainbow.

If you find yourself struggling; please, please, please… seek help and share how you feel! It’s important to understand you’re not alone and you owe it to yourself to talk with a friend, family member or get professional support.

There are also some wonderful organisations in Australia who may be able to help you:

Emergency Services

000In an emergency


13 11 14 

Beyond Blue

1300 224 636

Kids Help Line

1800 55 1800


1800 184 527 (3pm – midnight daily)


(03) 9027 0100 (Head Office)

Suicide Call Back

1300 659

Black Dog Institute


MensLine Australia

1300 78 99 78

Reach Out


Head to Health

Coaches and Mentors

When you subscribe, we send you a welcome email with the following information;

• your unique Rainbow Code

• a link to the Rainbow Life Reflector online questionnaire

• a link to the Rainbow Toolkit where you can download pdf copies of supporting resources

Your unique Rainbow Code gives you and your clients access to the online questionnaire, which is the first stage of the Rainbow Life Reflector.

Once your client completes the online questionnaire, their results are sent to you, so you control the process.

You can then decide whether you, email their results to them, with a copy of the Rainbow Life Reflector colour in template and self-reflection Sheets, so they colour in their own rainbow prior to your next session. Alternatively, you may choose to discuss their results with them in your next session and get them to colour in their rainbow then.

You need to use a personal email address, because the subscription package is coach/mentor specific for one licence only. If you have multiple coaches/mentors in your practice, then they will need to subscribe individually. Alternatively, if you are a larger organisation, with higher volume needs, then please contact me via email ( or the Contact Page on the site.

We ask your client for these details when they login to the Rainbow Life Reflector, so when the results are emailed to you, you’re able to identify them easily. We do not retain this information, once their results have been sent to you! 

No, once your client’s results are sent to you, their results cannot be resent.

You have unrestricted access to use the tool during the 14-day Free trial and annual subscription periods. You can also ask a client to complete the tool as many times as you want.

Your client cannot access the Rainbow Life Reflector questionnaire, without entering your unique Rainbow Code, so please ensure they are using the correct code. Also, check your junk/spam folder in case the email with their results has landed there.

Please contact me via email or the Contact Page on the site, and we will resend it to the email address you subscribed with.

Your Rainbow Code is unique to you and all questionnaire results are sent to your email address only. If you receive results for someone who isn’t your client, then they may have inadvertently used your code. In the unlikely event this occurs, please forward the email you have received to (, and we will contact them to establish who their coach/mentor is.

Alternatively, if you believe your Rainbow Code is being used incorrectly, then please contact me via email ( or the Contact Page on the site, and we can issue you with a new Rainbow Code, to the email address you subscribed with.

Your subscription will be taken automatically, so if you decide to discontinue using the Rainbow Life Reflector, then please follow the prompts in the welcome email and cancel your subscription. Your access to the Rainbow Life Reflector will then become obsolete after the 14-day Free trial has ended.

The Rainbow is split into two halves. The top half helps you understand the choices your client is making and their level of satisfaction in key areas of life … these are Dream Makers! If they have a low number in any category in the top half of the rainbow, then it may indicate that; they are not happy in this area of life, they are not focusing on it, or it isn’t currently a priority.

On the flip side, zeros in the bottom half of the rainbow may suggest your client is in control, and is not impacted by negative self-talk or limiting beliefs, that hold them back. However, I would say that everyone experiences some symptoms in the bottom half of the rainbow, so zeros across the board may indicate they aren’t necessarily being honest with themselves.

Please refer to the Rainbow Analysis Sheet for guidance on where your client may find themselves on their journey.

We all experience Dream Breaker symptoms at different stages of our life, depending on what we are dealing with, so it is normal to have some grey in the bottom half of rainbow. ‘6’ is the highest score they can get for any of the Dream Breaker symptoms, and if there is a lot of grey, then it may suggest your client is going through a challenging period and limiting beliefs are bubbling below the surface, fuelling their negative self-talk. With your help, the aim is for them to acknowledge this, so they can take an honest look at where they’re at, and then take purposeful action towards their goals and dreams.

Life is an ongoing journey of learning and development and for this reason, ‘7’ is the highest score your client can achieve in each Dream Maker category in the top half of the rainbow.

The goal is for your client to proactively manage their rainbow, whatever that means for them. The pot at the end of rainbow is something that is invaluable and if they have an abundance of colour in all areas in the top half of the rainbow, then they should be living life from a foundation of self-acceptance and self- worth, and this is what is truly found in the pot at the end of the rainbow.

Please refer to the Rainbow Analysis Sheet for guidance on where your client may find themselves on their journey.

Yes, the scores in themselves don’t really mean anything, but when your client colours in their own rainbow, it can be a very powerful and thought-provoking exercise. It encourages them to look at their life from a visual perspective, and many connect with the meaning of their rainbow on a deep, emotional level, promoting self-reflection and self-discovery in a unique way.

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