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End User Licence Agreement

‘Manage My Rainbow’ and ‘Rainbow Life Reflector’ are  trading names of Manage My Rainbow Pty Ltd ACN 600 972 110 (‘Manage My Rainbow’, ‘MMR’ ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’), based in Queensland, Australia.

Our products have been created as self-reflection resources to help you with your clients, whether that is a one-on-one coaching session, group coaching and/or workshops and seminars.

Our products have been developed to provide general information only and are not intended to amount to advice or any other professional service. In the event, the use of our products raises any concerns for you or them, then we recommend they talk to you or other professional.

  1. By subscribing to the annual subscription, we will provide you with:

• A single user license, for use by one person only, for a period of 12 months.

• A unique Rainbow Code that unlocks access to the Rainbow Life Reflector online questionnaire.

• Links to the video tutorial on ‘How to Create Your Rainbow!‘, and downloadable copies of the Rainbow Toolkit resources, including; Rainbow Life Reflector Colour in Template, Rainbow Self-reflection Sheet, Rainbow Analysis Sheet, Client Email Template

Should you wish to continue using our products after the first annual subscription period, then you will need to renew your subscription on an annual basis by paying the appropriate subscription fee prior to or on the anniversary date of your first subscription.

If at any point during the first 14 days of your initial subscription, you decide the Rainbow Life Reflector is not for you, then we will refund your annual subscription fee, without penalty. Just make contact with our team via email or using the Contact Page.

  1. By subscribing to our products, you May:

• Use our products to help in the process of coaching; potential, new or existing clients.

• Use our products with attendees at a workshop or seminar that you are delivering.

• Reproduce, store, copy electronically or otherwise use our products for the purposes detailed above, including printing and/or emailing our products directly to your potential, new or existing clients, or attendees at a workshop/seminar you are delivering.

  1. By subscribing to our products, you May Not:

• Resell our products directly or indirectly, in whole or in part. Specifically, if you are not coaching or working with the client yourself in some way, then you are not permitted to use our products. Reselling our products includes, but is not limited to, using our products in a book, ebook, and in online or e-coaching programs, where your only contact with the client is automated.

• Offer our products online as free resources. This includes but is not limited to; making our tools available on your website or any other website or app, in a private members’ area on your website, posting our tools on social media, using our tools as a giveaway in your newsletters or with newsletter sign-up, using our tools as a bonus or gift in a blog post, product or other marketing project and including our tools in a page of free resources for your clients.

  1. By subscribing and using our products, you acknowledge and agree that:

• The materials are the sole property of Manage My Rainbow and are protected by trademark and copyright laws.

• You will abide by the terms and conditions of this Licence Agreement and you will only use our products for the purpose for which they are intended.

• Any breach by you of any of the conditions detailed in this Licence Agreement, will result in your licence being terminated. Your Rainbow Code will be cancelled, you will forfeit the remainder of your subscription period and you will not be able to renew your subscription.

• You do so entirely at your own risk.

• You are aged 18 or over and you are appropriately qualified or informed to use our products.

  1. General:

• Manage My Rainbow does not accept or undertake any liability to you in connection with our products and your subsequent use thereof.

• You acknowledge and agree that any liability we may be found to have at law shall be limited to the cost of the product you have purchased.

• You acknowledge and agree to indemnify Manage My Rainbow in respect of any cost, liability, expense, claim or loss which we may suffer as a result of any breach of this Licence Agreement by you or anyone for whom you are at law responsible

Copyright © Manage My Rainbow Pty Ltd