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Take Control and Take Off with Dr Hennessey Hayes’s Top 6 Tips!

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I recently shared the inspiring story of Dr Hennessey Hayes in my series ‘Stories from the pot of gold’. He graduated high school at the bottom of his class with no idea of what he wanted to do after graduation. Despite this, he was able to transform his life from working as a pharmacy shop assistant to Senior Lecturer at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University in Brisbane.

Hennessey is managing his rainbow! He is a well-respected, published academic (Griffith Profile) and is absolutely passionate about his work in restorative justice.

Hennessey is an inspiration to me, his colleagues and his students. He was able to turn his life around by dreaming of a better future, setting and visualising goals for himself, and ultimately, he discovered his passion and purpose in life.

There is a message there for everyone, no matter how down you think you are….. YOU DO have opportunity, YOU CAN change your direction, YOU CAN take hold of your life and YOU CAN make your own future, but YOU AND ONLY YOU can make that decision.

Hennessey did and he shared with me his top 6 tips to take control, follow these tips and you can start to manage your rainbow.

1.     Isolate yourself from negative influences and only hang out with positive people

2.     Everyone will experience rejection, so view it as an opportunity to develop and grow

3.     Some people are political animals and play games to get ahead, so act with honesty and integrity at all times … you’ll avoid sleepless nights!

4.     Work hard for what you want, enjoy the journey and accept it may take longer to reach certain destinations than others

5.     Some deadlines are non-negotiable, so good time management will help alleviate bad stress and avoid becoming overwhelmed

6.     We all deal with stress differently, so make sure you take time out to recalibrate and look after your overall wellbeing, including your mental health

 Great tips from Hennessey, that will help keep you focused, in control and motivated towards achieving your goals and dreams.

 You deserve to lead a life full of passion and potential, doing the things you want, when you want to do them. So, start managing your rainbow, bring your goals and dreams to life.

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I’m Allan Bennett! I’m managing my rainbow and I would love to help you manage yours. So, connect with me today for a FREE Discovery Chat, and take a step closer to the pot at the end of your rainbow.

Enjoy your journey!



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