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What’s Big Green and Beautiful and Helps You Stress Less?

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Imagine yourself in Central Park, New York! Can you see the massive green trees in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city and the 8.5 million other people that live there? It’s hard to believe one minute you can stand on a main street in New York and within minutes you are walking in the park with the busy noise of cars and honking yellow taxies a distant hum.

That park is a beautiful space, but the reality is it’s more than just a park. It’s a sanctuary for New Yorkers to unwind, a place for them to escape the daily grind of city life.

Going to your local park can benefit you in so many ways! When you enter, you can be overcome with an immediate calmness, you hear birds, you see green and open space with trees. A park has a very distinct fresh smell and by taking deep breaths you can release all that pent-up anxiety and stress, giving your body and mind the opportunity it needs to chill out from everything that is happening in your day.

It won’t necessarily make the challenges you are experiencing go away, but those issues may just look less daunting when viewed from a rested and refreshed mind. So, take advantage of my ‘3 Rs’ to make your local park part of your strategy to bring mental well-being back to your daily life;


Taking time out from your busy schedule allows your body time to slow down and chill, you can finally breathe properly. It allows your brain time to release all your worries and will reduce stress and relax your mind.


Stop thinking about all the things you need to do, just sit and soak up your beautiful surroundings, think about everything you love about your life, your family, your children, your dreams for the future, that Tim Tam (frozen double coated are best) you’ve promised yourself later. Its about taking your mind away from the everyday things that are stressing you out.


Rest and reflection help bring back a sense of calm, you’ll feel relaxed and you’ll recharge your batteries, so you can return to your home or office with a refreshed mind, ready to tackle those tasks with a new zest of energy.

I am fortunate to live by an amazing park in Brisbane. It’s my favourite place to go when I feel overwhelmed and I need to destress from the craziness going on in my head.

What I do is make myself a nice cup of coffee in my favourite mug and I walk across the road to my park. I sit on my favourite bench and look back across the park through the trees to the distant city sky line.

When I sit on my bench I REST and it makes me feel like I can breathe again, I relax and I destress. I REFLECT and think about the things I love to do and what makes me happy. This frees my mind and gives me a clearer head to think about everything I need to get done. The pressure lifts from my shoulders and I can feel energy and enthusiasm return to my mind, as I REJUVENATE, and I head back home raring to go, ready to face my ‘To Do’ list once again.

This is a simple strategy to help when you find yourself in the bottom half of the rainbow.  So, next time you need time out to relieve overwhelm and stress, don’t just sit in your lounge or office, instead, go to your favourite park, find your favourite bench below your favourite tree, and REST, REFLECT and REJUVENATE.

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Enjoy your journey!




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