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Love Yourself First, then Start Living the Life you Deserve

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Do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Do you push forward in life confidently grasping every opportunity given to you? Do you mute that critical inner voice in your head when it starts to question whether you are deserving or capable?

If you do then I believe you live life from a foundation of self-belief, and you’re more likely to respect yourself and your self-worth, and self-esteem will be solid. There will be times when you’ll doubt yourself but a good dose of self-belief will ensure you have enough confidence to push through, in fact, you’ll use that doubt to your advantage to help guide you as you move forward in life.

 We are all unique, so learn to love yourself first, find your self-belief and start falling in love with your life. One such person who had this realisation is Aaron Wilson, a young man who has had to overcome key challenges in his life. His personal journey prompted him to write a number of powerful poems and he’s agreed for me to share one with you:

I’m sitting down to write these words …

 I’m sitting down to write these words
To let my feelings free
The pain, self-doubt and suffering
Is who I used to be
Years and years of feeling down
The loss of my self-worth
Struggling to smile at all
A bane upon the Earth

I’d make a goal like those around
That I never would achieve
My failure was the fear I had
And all I could perceive

Yet time went by and moments passed
The goals I made arrived
Epiphanies of what must be
T’was time to be alive

I started smiling to myself
No one needed to see
To be happy and smile for others
I first needed to smile for me

It took some time to realise
Anger, pain and woe
All at once was leaving me
A public positivity I now began to show

Talking to some people
I had never met before
They spoke of these same feelings
It shook me to my core

Bit by bit I understood
I was not that isolated
Others feeling worse than I
Their lives and selves they hated
I spoke to them of what I knew
The way I overcame
The feelings that had held back
And caused me so much pain

A smile every now and then
To keep me thinking clear
Always to remember love
And know that it is near

With every happy moment
Whether by yourself or not
Begin to radiate with love
And love with all you’ve got

What I’ve found most important
In my years or there about
Is the love that you would like to get
Is what you must put out

Talk to those who need a friend
Give a little time
Then even in your darkest days
Your heart will always shine

Remember those that you have helped
Whether big or small
The size of help is not what matters
But that you helped at all

Even if you feel you’ve never
Helped to mend a heart
It’s never too late to start anew
And begin to play your part
Together we’re unbreakable
We’re Solid and we’re strong
A unity beyond belief
A love that’s never wrong

No matter what your gender
Your race or who you love
You will be accepted
And we will rise above

No matter if you doubt yourself
Feel pain or always down
I hope you start to feel the love
From people all around

I’m sitting down to write these words
To let my feelings free
The love, self-worth and happiness
Is who I’m going to be

 Aaron is very talented and his message is an important reminder that we are not alone, what you put out in to the universe is what you get back, so overcome your self-doubt and find your self-belief.

You deserve to lead a life full of potential, doing the things you want, when you want to do them. I’m passionate about helping you find your self-belief and confidence, so start managing your rainbow today. Bring your goals and dreams to life, and discover the pot at the end of your rainbow.

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I’m Allan Bennett! I’m managing my rainbow and I would love to help you manage yours. So, connect with me today for a FREE Discovery Chat, and take a step closer to the pot at the end of your rainbow.

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