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How a Rainbow Can Help Bring Your Goals and Dreams to Life

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Did you know that rainbows can be WHOLE circles? Well, I got very excited when I found this out!

As human beings we usually see rainbows as a beautiful arc on the horizon, but with the right conditions it is possible to see a whole circle rainbow, such as when you’re flying in a plane, above a waterfall or high up in a tower building.

This incredible fact has inspired me in my life coaching work. It’s significant because I likened a whole circle rainbow to my life journey.

To me rainbows are a positive symbol of; Hope, Promise and Purpose.

 The HOPE you feel for a better future; the PROMISE you have when you find courage to believe in yourself and the PURPOSE you bring to your life when you’re brave enough to act on your dreams.

We all know life isn’t always easy, that’s why we rarely see the bottom half of the rainbow. It’s the part of the rainbow where we hide the things that challenge us. It’s where fear can stop us from living life to our highest potential, it’s where the dream breakers lurk.

I created the Manage My Rainbow to help you Acknowledge where you are at in life and Nurture yourself in the bottom half of the rainbow, so you can find courage to push yourself up and over in to the top half. It’s a much better place to be, it’s where you’ll find Clarity and Growth, and with that comes improved confidence and self-belief.

It took a major life event to force me to really think about what I wanted for my life, that’s why I’m passionate about helping you find your self-belief and confidence, so you can build a brighter future for yourself.

Don’t let the ream Breakers stop you from achieving what you want! Start managing your rainbow the work towards pot at the end of your rainbow.

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I’m Allan Bennett! I’m managing my rainbow and I would love to help you manage yours. So, connect with me today for a FREE Discovery Chat, and take a step closer to the pot at the end of your rainbow.

Enjoy your journey with Manage My Rainbow!



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