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Beautiful Gate Fundraiser – Helping Make a Difference!

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I was extremely proud to sponsor a fundraising gala dinner recently for Beautiful Gate, an orphanage in Lesotho, Southern Africa. The event was held at the Miners Restaurant at TAFE Queensland, Bundamba and it was organised by Barbara Quinn of Southern Cross Charities.

Barbara founded her charity a number of years ago to specifically raise funds for the orphanage. I find it truly inspiring that she wants to give orphans in Lesotho a brighter future. Her passion and commitment to Beautiful Gate is admirable and it has shown me that we both have similar values. We both value community and giving people the opportunity to feel empowered, encouraging self-belief.

It was heart warming to hear stories of people who had travelled with Barbara to Lesotho to help first hand at the orphanage. Beautiful Gate also sent over a video and the message from each of the staff and children was  “Thank you for investing in me!” So, profoundly moving and uplifting to see and hear the voices of the people we were there to support.

The evening was a great success! The event was well organised and I would like to acknowledge the hard work and professionalism of the staff and students at TAFE Queensland, Bundamba. I had met a number of the Students at one of my goal setting workshops earlier in the year and it was great to see how much progress they had made in their studies. They are well and truly on their way to achieving their qualification and the pot of gold at the end of their rainbows.

It was an honour to support Barbara and I felt very much on purpose. It was a major achievement to be able to sponsor the evening and I was very excited to present a cheque to Barbara towards renovations of the bathrooms at the baby houses at the orphanage. On the night Barbara managed to raise in excess of $2,300. This will go a long way to ensuring the renovations can happen sooner rather than later – well done Barbara!

Enjoy your journey!



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