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Believe in Yourself Believe in Your Dreams … You are Amazing!

Love, self-worth and happiness is who I’m going to be!

Love, self-worth and happiness is who I’m going to be!

Has anyone told you how good you are today? Its confidence building when someone goes out of their way to tell you that you have done something well, or how good you make them feel. However, we can’t always rely on other people to do that for us. So, I want to reframe this question and ask you;

“Have you told you how good you are today?”

 Many people don’t acknowledge to themselves how good they are! They live their life not giving themselves the credit they deserve for what they achieve. They may approach life from the view of a glass half empty, instead of a glass half full brimming with possibility. It may be suggested that this life perspective is influenced by the self- belief a person has in themselves.

Self-belief is having total confidence in yourself and your own abilities.  It may be that self-belief is largely influenced by self-esteem and self-worth. The personal foundations that support how you think, feel and value yourself. If you are unclear or not sure of these core foundations, it may cause you to question the belief you have in yourself and negatively impact your self-confidence.AaronWilson-SelfBelief.jpgLast year I introduced you to Aaron Wilson. He’s a talented young man who has overcome key challenges in his life to find his self-belief. His personal journey prompted him to write a number of powerful poems. He’s agreed for me to share the second of these with you. It’s about finding your self-belief: (NB: A link to Aaron’s first poem about Self-doubt can be found at the foot of this page)

I’d never thought I’d make it here …

I’d never thought I’d make it here
To this far and distant place
Through trials and tribulations
And constant fears I faced

Yet here I stand amongst the few
Who’ve realised success
Blood and sweat and many tears
I always did my best

The hard work paid its dividends
In the form of knowledge and skill
The love and respect of family and friends
The challenge was a thrill

Our minds will always change
The journey will take its toll
But never lose your passion
And you’ll always reach your goal

No matter what the circumstance
You should never think your dumb
The more you fight for what you want
You will overcome

There’s always someone better
That can do what you can’t do
Don’t let that dissuade your dreams
You’re the best at you

No one does a better you
And no one can take that away
You’re always a winner, no matter what
So do your best today

Rinse and repeat tomorrow
Never give up on yourself
As long as you are happy
Have love and hope and health

Today may feel a struggle
But I promise you will start
To overcome your obstacles
And lighten up the dark

If no one’s ever told you
Then I will tell you now
You’ve achieved so much in life
And I am just so proud

You’re an amazing person
With a brilliant mind and heart
I know that you will make it far
It’s time to carve your path

Another very powerful poem from Aaron! It highlights the need for us all to grasp the opportunities that life has to offer. To overcome the fear that can engulf us and keep working towards our goals and dreams. Life can be challenging! But it’s about pushing through regardless. Living life from a foundation of self-belief, knowing that despite everything YOU are worth it! You can overcome any challenges and be in control of your life.

So, perhaps your self-belief may be challenged. This may cause you to doubt yourself and your own capabilities. Do you know that nagging negative voice in your head that questions everything you do? Sometimes it may even say you can’t do it! If you let that voice win, you may find yourself stuck unable to move forward and doubting yourself.

So take control, and start working towards your goals and dreams, and the pot at the end of your rainbow.

I’m Allan Bennett! I’m managing my rainbow and I would love to help you manage yours. So, connect with me today for a FREE Discovery Chat, and take a step closer to the pot at the end of your rainbow.

Enjoy your journey!


Click Here to read Aaron’s first poem about Self-doubt


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